At Web Idea we also undertake the implementation of your folder.
Earn up to 100% subsidy for the construction of your e-shop through the new NSRF program
The new NSRF program for the construction of an e-shop was officially announced by the Greek government and an amount of up to 5,000 euros will be allocated for each company. The total budget for the purpose amounts to 80 million euros (total budget) and concerns the action “Competitiveness Toolkit for Small and Very Small Enterprises”.

This gives small, small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to acquire their own subsidized e-shop and to be able to operate during the Lockdown period and in the future electronically.

5000 euro subsidy for construction – e-shop support
The data so far show that the grant  of  5000 euros will cover all the actions required for the design and development of a complete e-Shop. The grant will cover construction and support up to the amount of 5000 euros by 100% . This practically means that in a very short time you will have your own complete online store.

DEADLINE The deadline for submission of proposals (which will be done electronically) is January 31, 2021. By then your proposal should have been submitted regarding the design, object and services provided by the e-shop.