Why Social Media Should Matter a Lot for Your Hotel Business

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WHY SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD MATTER A LOT FOR YOUR HOTEL BUSINESS As a businessperson, owning or managing a hotel, have you ever asked yourself if your company’s Facebook page is worth it to invest your attention and time in it? Or is there anything at all, that a simple Instagram photo can do to attract […]

Why Your Website Should be the Heart of Your Hotel’s Online Marketing

WHY YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE THE HEART OF YOUR HOTEL’S ONLINE MARKETING Until not that long ago, finding the right hotel was made mostly by browsing a catalogue in the travel agency office. And hotel advertising was no more than a brochure, or a box in the same catalogue. Today everything is digital and complex. […]

Why Investing in Hotel Photography is Always a Good Idea

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WHY INVESTING IN HOTEL PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA WHY INVESTING IN HOTEL PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA Having good photos of your property is absolutely necessary. People that research hotels online need them to understand where they are going to stay, what are the things they can do, and how they can […]

Introduction to Online Advertising for Hotels

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INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE ADVERTISING FOR HOTELS INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE ADVERTISING FOR HOTELS The online world offers many advertising opportunities for hotels. They can be used from any hotelier who wants to increase the direct bookings, to promote special events, to target desired audiences, and so on. Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TripAdvisor, as well as many […]